A message to my community:

We all are facing the same challenge at the moment. With Covid-19 spreading across the globe, our normal day to day life is greatly affected. Not only are bars, restaurants and schools closed, gyms are as well. As a personal trainer, I know that most people don’t move their body enough throughout the day even when things are normal. Now that most of us work from home or have to just wait it out at home, movement is even more reduced to sitting on a couch or working in front of a computer.

Nothing is more important to me than to contribute to my community. This is why I want to share with you work out programs that help you to get moving but also help you with your posture.


I have dedicated my professional life in helping and empowering anyone who asks for assistance when it comes to managing their health and well-being. I’m a personal trainer based in Toronto, Canada and my life is devoted to personal growth and serving others. When it comes to health, I value a holistic approach that considers the mind, body and soul.

Every day you are being presented with a choice:

You can get out of bed with a smile on your face or a frown on your face.
You can empower yourself with your thoughts or disempower yourself with your thoughts.
You can take on full responsibility on how you handle and response to challenges or you can blame others.

-It’s always up to you.

Inspired by Kenneth Soares.
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