Hello and welcome! Are you looking to tap into your strength, increase your health and overall wellbeing as you become the best version of yourself?

Lucky me, because it is my mission to help woman and men do exactly that. Hi I am Jessica- a Strength Coach and Pilates Instructor. I help woman and men tap into their strength through mindful movement and 1:1 strength training.

By coaching and challenging you progressively I help you claim your power and confidence to explore movement on your own terms. I infuse each session with compassion, openness and presence, reminding you that your power, strength and confidence are already within you, just waiting to be tapped into. I am here to fully support you on your fitness journey as you live life fully and wholeheartedly.

I would love to connect with you.

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What Flow means to me:

Flow is a state in which time seems to stand still. A moment for us to find refuge of our busy to do lists. An opportunity to fully engage, create and explore, as we align with our body, mind and soul.

Flow in the context of working out:

There are many activities that can trigger flow. Movement is one of those activities.
“One of the most important triggers for flow is the very specific relationship between the difficulty of the task and your ability to perform that task. If the challenge is too great, then fear or frustration take over. If the challenge is too easy, you stop paying attention. Flow appears in a ‘sweet spot’ — the midpoint between boredom and anxiety.”

-Dr. Sarah Mckay

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