How to make your new years resolution stick

We are all goal oriented. We all want to have certain things or feel or look a certain way. We want to master tasks and we want to be acomplished. Specifically now that the new year is approaching fast, some might endulge a last time in old eating patterns or habits, already with the mind set on their new years resolution. Here is the thing though: your mind/ ego that focuses on the goal is incredibly unpatient. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have the weight lost on the first day or week you start your new eating and fitness regime? Or if you could right away do the headstand or speak a foreign language perfectly the first time you practice and learn? In our minds we romanticize the desired outcome, but what the mind does not calculate is how much time, practice, devotion and patience it needs to achieve the goal at hand. Thats why new years resolutions are given up usually by the time spring or summer arrives. Yes there are people who stick with it, who push through and actually achieve the goals they’ve set for them selves. How do they do it? Well there might be lots of reasons why, but in this blog article I’ll discuss two particular ideas. One of the ideas is inspired by an article I read myself a few weeks ago. The article describes the idea of not being focused with the end result but rather starting to enjoy the journey itself. I posted the link for the article right below- definitely worth reading!

So again what can we do to make those amazing resolutions stick better? Resolutions need actions, repetitive actions are habits. So the question actually is, how do you make new habits stick? One of the maybe most important ways how to, is by celebrating and enjoying every success that is made to implement the new habit. Guess what- if you love going to the gym or enjoy the process of learning a new instrument chances are great that you’ll show up to the task even when not feeling like it. I’ve been made aware of this particular theory through an habit tracker app. See the brain loves rewards. The reason we cant get rid of “bad” habits like endulging in to much unhealthy food or binge watch tv or 8 hours straight, its because they give your brain some sort of reward. The reason its so hard to form positive new habits is because we force ourselves to do a new habit, literally having to drag ourselves to where we have to be and your brain does not associate it with pleasure. Thats why at the slightest excuse people leave their dear new habit behind just to go back to what gives the brain more pleasure no matter how bad it might be for your overall health and wellbeing. So with that being said, here are my suggestions:

Celebrate every victory. Have fun while doing the new habit – blast your favorite tunes, smile, laugh and dance. Be proud of what you acomplished. Like that, your brain will not only tolerate the new habits, but actually recieves some pleasure out of it and you’ll start looking forward to it. Of course there will be days that will be harder than others then its even more important to celebrate even the smallest victory. And lastly to go back to the article i mentioned previously, fall in love with the process/ the practice. Remind your ego/mind that its all about the journey, if you stick to the path laid out in front of you, you’ll get there sooner or later while appreciating every second of it. So make your resolutions stick, celebrate every victory and learn to love the new habits that come with it.


1.Blog article: The Iron Mike rule: The one thing successful people do differently by Mayo Oshin:

2.Habit Tracker: Fabulous

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