Week 2 of The CN Tower Preparation Work Out Plan:


For 30 years, wildlife lovers have climbed the CN Tower to raise millions of dollars for nature conservation across Canada and around the world. The CN Tower Climb consists of 1,776 meaningful steps towards a future where nature and wildlife thrive. Funds raised will support their mission to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to build a future in which wildlife, nature and people thrive together.

Join our team and climb to the top together or help us raise funds. Here is the link to either join us or donate to our fundraising page: http://support.wwf.ca/site/TR?team_id=5294&fr_id=1230&pg=team

In order to make sure you too are able to reach to the top of the CN tower confidently and successfully this year, I’m providing you with a 4 week weekly progressive work out plan.

(Please note that you should first consult your physician or other healthcare professional if you have any acute or chronic injuries that might prevent you from climbing up stairs or have any respiratory or cardiovascular diseases or limitations before making the desicion on following this program or signing up for the CN tower climb.)

Without further ado here is Week 2 of The CN Tower Preparation Work Out Plan:

Cardiovascular focus:
Choose the cardio maschine of your choice, you can also mix it up- for example treadmill, rower, elliptical- and complete interval cardio 3 times a week for 20 min. 1 min of hard cardio intensity followed by 1 min of moderate to light cardio intensity followed by 1 min of hard cardio intensity and so on. (5 minutes warm up and 5 minutes cool down not included in this time!) With warm up and cool down your total amount of time will be 30 minutes.

Strengh focus:
I added videos showing and explaining each exercise listed below- you find them all attached at the end of this blog post. Please check them out, to make sure you’re performing the exercises correctly. For those of you who have no work out routine established on their own, do as followed:

Do the exercise routine listed below 2-3 times a week.
4 rounds of 15 repetitions each. Complete all 3 rounds first for all the A’s before moving on to B’s and so on. Optional break after completing all rounds for A’s and then again after completing all B’s and so on.

A1 Glutebridge
A2 Hip clock
A3 Mountain climber
A4 Sumo squat

B1 Reversed lunge
B2 Back row
B3 Step up
B4 parachute

C1 Sidelunge
C2 Calf raises
C3 Wall squat hold for 45 sec

If you’re already working out on a regular basis be sure to add the exercises listed below 2-3 times a week into your existing work out routine- if they are not already part of your routine.
Complete 4 rounds of 15 repetitions for each.

Hip clock
Step up
Glute bridge
Reversed lunge
Sumo squat

Stretch focus:
Stretch as needed:
Figure 4 stretch
Quad stretch
Frog stretch

Let me know if you have any questions!
Me and my colleagues are here to help and support you in your pursuit of acomplishing your health and fitness goals.

Post a comment below or send me an email at jessica@junctionfitnesshub.com, call or stop by at our Junction Fitness Hub location:
511 Mt Pleasant Rd
Toronto, ON
M4S 2M2
Tel: +14164829482

Stay tuned!

I will post Week 3 of The CN Tower Preparation Work Out Plan next week on Friday.

Glute Bridge
Hip Clock
Mountain Climber
Sumo Squat
Reversed Lunge
Back Row
Step Up
Calf Raises
Wall Squat Hold
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