From A to Z

Banded lat pull and single arm lat pull
Banded L-fly
Banded pull apart
Banded single arm row
Banded straight lat pull down
Banded triceps extension
Biceps curl
Birddog progression
Bounce squat with a jump
Brace variation 1 progression (deadbug)
Brace variation 2 progression
Bulgarian split squat
Cat and Cow
Crab to tabletop
Elbow plank regression
Fire hydrant
Front split squat
Front to lateral raises (banded)
Glut bridge progression
Glut slides and single leg glut bridge
Hip thruster progression
How to set up thera band over door
“Jane Fonda”
Mountain climber
Pistol squat
Plank step out
Push up regression
Reach over and under
Seated cat and cow (no audio)
Seated cat and cow, band assisted for tight shoulders (no audio)
Seated side stretch and twist (no audio)
Side lunge with a shuffle
Sideplank regression
Squat to bench or couch
Squat to lunge
Squat to toe
Stationary lunge
Sun salutations variation 1 (no audio)
Sun salutations variation 2 (no audio)
Superman variations
Torsion controll
Wall sliders
Wall facing wallsliders
Wall push up

Published by Jessica Messora

I'm a personal trainer and my life is all about physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Some of my passions are yoga, nutrition and photography.

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