My path towards a healthy and happy life has not been linear. I’ve struggled with myself for years.

Movement has always been a way for me to connect to my mind, body and soul. My first and biggest passion in life was ice skating. As I got older, I struggled with injuries and came in contact with Physiotherapy. Which led me to pursue a career in health care first as a nurse, then as a physiotherapy assistant  and eventually as a strength and mindful movement coach.

My professional path and purpose has always been very clear to me. But my personal life as well as my health and mental well being completely disintegrated during my teenage years. Traumatic experiences in my past led to me shutting down and constructing harmful and limiting narratives about myself and the world around me. I was insecure and lost touch with myself and the world around me. I became my own worst enemy.

During that time I also started struggling with a distorted body image and would consequently either starve myself for days or not respond to basic needs like thirst. I mentally and emotionally tortured myself, because I hated myself for inflicting so much pain and suffering upon me. My self hatred started to take over my entire life and it also impacted my relationships with others around me.

In order to get out of that negative and self limiting loop I had to make peace with myself and practice radical self love and compassion.

Thankfully I am blessed to have had supportive and inspiring people in my life, who encouraged me to question my reality and allowed me to heal and grow. The hardest part was to make peace with myself. I had to let go of the old assumptions I formed and really try to look at myself with love and compassion instead of hate, shame and guilt. I’m still learning and healing as I am slowly rebuilding my self trust, worthiness, courage and confidence. It hasn’t always been easy and some days are harder than others, but reminding myself to be gentle, kind and compassionate towards myself is helping me work towards my envisioned future. 

Today gratitude, compassion, love and courage are part of my story.

My love and passion for all things movement and health related did not diminish. Instead it continuously fuels my inquisitive and curious nature and allows me to continue to grow professionally and personally.

For years my passion for all things movement and health related was my beacon of light that kept me going on my healing path and eventually formed into purpose.

I know what it means to struggle with yourself. How it feels to punish your body, mind and soul. Movement has always been a way to truly and fully connect with my body, mind and soul, so I understand the difference between moving with and for your body’s health vs. enforcing and straining through a workout while frustrated, upset and disappointed with yourself. 

I am Coach because I want to help people see movement not as a punishment, but rather as an opportunity to lovingly show up for themselves on their journey towards a happier and healthier life.

My purpose is to help you tap into your strength while nurturing and honoring your body, mind and soul.

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