Jessica Messora- the person behind Conscious Movement Coaching:

Professional Background:

I’ve taken on many roles in the health care field over the last 10 years. I always knew that I belonged in the health and fitness field because from an early age on, I was fascinated by health and movement. From working as a Registered Nurse in Switzerland, to working as a Physiotherapy Assistant in Toronto and now working as a Personal Trainer and Movement Coach, my passion towards fitness and health has only become stronger.

One question that has been on my mind ever since I came into contact with the world of health, wellness and fitness is the following: How to live a healthy, balanced and sustainable life. As I continue to learn and evolve, my answer to this question keeps getting more refined. But I believe in a holistic approach that encompasses the body, mind and soul. And movement and physical fitness is one of the main pillars needed in a healthy life.

Movement has been part of me my whole life:

Movement has been a part of my life from an early age. I was a figure skater for 13 years and participated in international competitions for the Swiss National Team in Synchronized Figure Skating. In that sport, physical appearance has a high priority. What I didn’t understand back then, is that there is more to fitness and health than one’s physical appearance. And to solely focus on appearance can leave the body weak, unhealthy and sick. I realized that it’s important to fuel and nourish your body properly and to exercise or move on a daily basis in order to keep the body healthy, strong and functioning properly.

My Client Centered Approach:

As a trainer I understand that each person has different needs and goals when it comes to their health and I see it as my job to encourage them to carve out their own individual health and fitness path. Aside from keeping your body well and healthy, I realized over the years that it’s also important to keep the mind healthy. Practicing mindfulness is just one way to work on that.  Professionally, I made it my goal in life to help and guide anyone who asks for assistance to develop and balance their health, fitness and well-being, physically as well as mentally. This involves assisting people to find their own path to a healthy sustainable life and addressing all aspects of well-being in this process so that people create and maintain a healthy relationship to themselves, other people and their environment. I want to contribute to the positive change in people’s lives.

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