This is a word that has been stuck with me for many weeks now. I am fortunate enough to work in the fitness industry. There, surrounded by fitness professionals that want to contribute positively to people’s life, did I learn first about non-negotiables. It’s a concept that we use at the gym when someone has […]


What do I associate with it? I usually touch the wide subject of health when writing. But here I am- sitting in an air conditioned tour bus- visiting the sites of India. Fast back couple of weeks ago: I saw a documentary by Chelsea Handler called: “Hello white privilege my name is Chelsea”. I understood […]


The word priority has been in my head for quite a while now. There are different associations I make with it. When I think of priority setting, time management inadvertently comes to mind. This association was formed by me when listening to Ted talks that discuss time management. The resonating tone of these talks is […]

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