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The Work for Change Project encompasses Live Virtual Group Classes that are non-profit. All the earnings that are being made this month from these classes will be donated to a charity called The Redwood. The Redwood offers safety, healing and opportunities for growth for women and their children fleeing abuse. Families receive case management and counseling services, access to empowering and life-changing programs, and transitional support when they are ready to take the steps toward a new life.

By purchasing either a 1 or 4 Session Package you support The Redwood and are able to book yourself in for a class.

Join the Work For Change Pilates Class every Saturday at 10am!

What you can expect from a Pilates Class:

Pilates is a form of exercise modality that focuses on strengthening and realigning your body from deep within. It promotes core and overall strength, body awareness, joint stability and flexibility. The style of these 45min classes is contemporary. Contemporary Pilates takes the original teachings of Joseph Pilates into consideration and applies them into our modern everyday living.
Each class layout is designed in a way that allows you to activate the deepest muscles from the start so that you can maximally benefit from a gradual intensified work out.
The instructor might be using various equipment such as weights or yoga blocks, but will have alternative exercise options ready in case you don’t have the needed equipment at home.

Build a solid core foundation and be part of the support system that enables senior citizens to live their lives fully.

Further Class Details:

The Classes are delivered via Zoom and MyPTHub. 

The Redwood

For more information about the Charity Organization visit:

Be Part of the Change!

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